SunJoined was founded in 2019 by entrepreneur Lamar Wilson. Wilson, who is a hemp enthusiast, created the company to ensure that relatively smaller players in the budding hemp industry can stay competitive by collaborating, supporting one another, sharing knowledge, and exploring opportunities. The SunJoined network includes different players in the hemp business, such as farmers, processors, manufacturers, distributors, and general hemp enthusiasts.

Wilson, who has a background in finance, explained that with the current capitalist model, many of the small players settle for scraps while the bigger platters take all the profits. SunJoined was created on the basis of what he described as “potluck capitalism” to solve this problem. With potluck capitalism, everyone brings their knowledge and skills to the table, and get the chance to benefit from equal opportunities.

Hemp farmers who are part of the SunJoined network do not only get to benefit from the shared knowledge and expertise of other farmers but also get to consult with SunJoined’s chief hemp grower Joel Williams. What’s more, these farmers can purchase seeds of a vast array of hemp strains straight from the suppliers in the network. These farmers also get to sell their hemp plants to processors and manufacturers. The SunJoined network includes farmers from different parts of the U.S. who are growing various hemp strains. Hemp processors or manufacturers who are part of the network can choose which hemp strains they want from different farmers. Since these farmers are part of the SunJoined network, there is a level of assurance over the quality of the plant materials they produce. These processors and manufacturers can connect with distributors in the SunJoined network to get their products out there to users. Additionally, SunJoined provides free marketing training to distributors to train them on how to build a business and benefit from distributing SunJoined’s products. This means you don’t even need to be an expert in the hemp industry to benefit from SunJoined. Essentially, this means everyone has a chance to get in on the action in the CBD industry, whether you are a hemp farmer, processor, manufacturer, distributor, or just an average Joe/Jane looking to make a few bucks.

SunJoined was created to provide users with premium quality hemp CBD products. The company does not only serve as a network for players in the industry but also harnesses the network to make its own hemp CBD products. SunJoined currently has three brands and a range of hemp CBD products, which include salves, lotions, CBD tincture oils, CBD oil for pets, CBD tea, and more. Check out the SunJoined Facebook group page for more information about this company and what it does.

SunJoined products are all-natural and are free of any questionable ingredients. The company has some level of control over every aspect of the manufacturing of its products – from seed to bottle. As a result, SunJoined can make some guarantees about the quality of its products. You will find a third-party lab test result for every SunJoined product.

You can learn more about the SunJoined network and purchase the company’s products by visiting or checking out the company’s Facebook group page.