Statistics show that over 50-70 million American are experiencing sleep disorder. A disruptive sleep pattern can affect your daily lives. Insomnia can lead to chronic anxiety, stress, and depression. Furthermore, people who are suffering from insomnia often turn to substance abuse.

In our contemporary time, researchers support a holistic approach to help alleviate their sleeping problems. CBD has stood out as one of the best natural remedies for sleeplessness.


Melatonin is a hormone produced in the pineal gland which is found in our brain. It plays a significant role in regulating our sleep pattern. The production of melatonin often increases during the night, thus it stimulates sleep. During the day, the level of cortisol increases so an individual can stay wide awake. There is a growing body of evidence that a decrease in the production of melatonin is behind the rising trend of insomnia. Less sleep can lead to poor performance and can affect other aspects of a person’s life.

Studies show that melatonin can combat sleeping disorders but for a short period. It is effective for about 3 months when taken regularly.

A study was conducted to determine if melatonin is safe and efficient for sleep pattern disturbance revealed that it can treat sleep latency on a short term basis. Melatonin is safe if being used on a short term basis, around 3 months, thereby allowing the body to regain the natural rhythm of sleep. It is also very important to consult a licensed physician if you want to take melatonin.


CBD is known to combat sleeping disorders. It helps to regulate the sleeping pattern by interacting with our brain and central nervous system. Studies are still being conducted into CBD and sleep regulation.

A clinical study showed that persons who took 160/mg per day of CBD and melatonin reported that they have experienced a better quality of sleep. Studies show that CBD is more effective in dealing with severe insomnia.

Both CBD and melatonin are safe and efficient in helping individuals with sleeping problems. However, their effects on each individual is different. This is it is advisable to consult a licensed medical practitioner if you are thinking of using either one of them.